Reverend Marshal Clarke’s family
and the families of Vincent, Roe and Humphreys
Revd Marshal (1755-1833) had a family of twenty-one, eleven of whom were to grow up
comprising one solicitor, three unmarried soldiers, two landowners, one parson and four
married women. Ten children died young including Catherine who died in 1800 and is
buried at Cashel Cathedral.
The following list includes the surnames of their descendants.
A.  Patrick (1786-1845) Solicitor
Vincent, Roe, Humphreys, Beatty, Grove-Annesley,
Daniell, Robinson, Burchardt-Ashton, Bennet,
Mostyn, de Montfort, Knowles, Huleatt-James,
Davies, Etches, Pirson, Albert, Grossman. (See
B.  John (1787-1854)
C.  Marshal (1789-1833)
Soldiers who did not marry (see Chapter 5).
D.  Samuel (1791-1811)
E.  Helena
Blackall, Buckworth
F.  Eliza Selina (    -1889)
G.  Mary (    -1853)
Long, Price, Thompson, Shadbolt (see Chapter 5).
H.  Charles (1803-1879)
Clarke of Graiguenoe, Cole, Bowen, Butler,
Land owner
Lenox-Conyngham, Cooper, Mount, Buckland,
Crampton, Grene, Randolph, Edlin, McClintock
Bunbury of Rathdonnell. (See Chapters 6 and 9.)
J.  Robert (1804-1848)                      -
Cholmondeley Clarke, Swifte, Maunsell, Butler
    Land owner
Kearney, O’Brien, Wake, Corsellis, Cooke, White.
(See Chapter 3.)
K.  Mark (1809-1848)                       -
Going, Powell, Litton, Oliver, Dobbs, Higginson,
Ayres. (See Chapter 4.)
L.  Jane (         )                                 -
Gubbins, Fitzgerald. (See Chapter 5.)
A.  Patrick 1786-1845 was senior partner in the Dublin firm of solicitors, ‘Clarke and Vincent’,
who purchased various properties of the families Clarke scattered in different parts of
Ireland. He married three times and had three houses. His marriages were:
in 1811 at Waterford to Mary Hickman. She was the daughter of Wray and Catherine
Palliser Hickman of Clonmel and granddaughter of John Elliot of Barrowbank, Portarlington.
Secondly:  in 1829 to Elizabeth Walsh the daughter of John Willington of Willington House
near Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, and widow of John Walsh of Walsh Park, Co. Tipperary. She
died in January 1844.
Thirdly:  in 1844 or 1845 to Katherine Trench. She was a daughter of Captain Richard Butler
of Millbrook, Castlecomer. Her sister Anne married Robert Clarke as his second wife (see OM
page 16). Katherine’s first husband was William Trench RIC who is buried at Wexford. The
Castlecomer Butlers are part of the Duboyne family and are linked by marriage with the
Lefroys and the Sadleirs of Scalaheen  and Brookville. (See OM page 35.)
His houses were:  a Dublin house first of all in Kildare Street and later in Mountjoy Square
West; Glass House, Barrowbank, Portarlington; South Hill, Rapla Cross near Nenagh. The
purchase of the latter, a small country estate, may have had something to do with  his second
wife having originally lived nearby.
Patrick was murdered on 31 October 1845 at South Hill by a disgruntled ex-employee for no
valid reason, as he was a good man and a just employer. He was shot and bayoneted on the
road near his park gate by three men. The alarm was given by the arrival of his riderless
pony. Two of the murderers were caught and hanged but the third, Mick Hawkins, escaped
to America. It is said that he was overheard through the wall of a hotel bedroom pacing his
room and muttering ‘Ah, Mr Paddy, will ye never let me be?’
He has issue by his first marriage only:
Patrick Clarke 1786-1845   =   Mary Hickman 1798-1823
1.                 2.                 3.                      4.                     5.                      6.            
Marshal      Marshal     Wray                Catherine       Elizabeth        Mary
                                           (1815-1838)       = Vincent        = Roe               = Humphreys
The two Marshals died in infancy and are buried in Cashel Churchyard near their mother.
The tomb is at the northeast corner of the cathedral. Mary is described as the ‘wife of Patrick
Clarke of Kildare Street Dublin Esq.’
Wray died on 15 July 1838 shortly after obtaining his BA degree at Trinity College Dublin,
and is buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin (vault C 168-62) where his inscription reads,
‘Erected by Patrick Clarke Esq of Mountjoy Square Dublin … few ever lived more deserving
of parental affection …’
The families of the three daughters follow in sequence.
The Vincent family
The Vincent family was established in the counties of Limerick and Clare in the reign of
William III. Before that they had lived in Worlingworth, Suffolk.
John Vincent was Sheriff of Limerick in 1696 and mayor in 1703 and 1727. His son Arthur was
mayor in 1728. Arthur’s grandson was Vicar of Shanagolden, whose fourth son, John, became
a solicitor and joined with Patrick Clarke in the Dublin firm of Clarke and Vincent of
Fitzwilliam Square. John married Patrick’s eldest daughter, Catherine, in 1831 and lived at
Charlton, Co. Dublin. After Patrick’s murder, the Vincents took over South Hill House, Rapla.
John and Catherine’s family were:
John Vincent (1803-1879)    =
4.  Catherine Clarke
a.                b.                       c.                           d.                        e.                     f.                   g.
George      John Albert      Revd Marshal     Arthur Elliot     Mary Jane     Georgina     Eliza
                                            Clarke                    = Clarke             = Clarke
a.  George b. 1837, died young, killed in an accident.
b.  John Albert (1838-1932), Major 25th Regiment Kings Own Scottish Borderers, married
firstly Mary Crosthwaite who died on her honeymoon and secondly, Letitia Gabbett of
Kildare. There was no issue. He died 1 April 1932 aged 94.
c.  Revd Marshal Clarke Vincent married Helen, sister of Mary Crosthwaite, and they had five
Ponsonby (1890-1944)
Allan (1898-    )
Helen (1892-    )
Alexie (1894-    )  =  Matheson
Agnes (1896-    )
Ponsonby died unmarried.
Allan joined the army and went to India. In 1920 he took up medicine at Bristol,
going to India in 1929 as a medical missionary. He then went in 1943 to Canada
where he married Hazel Baker. Allan continued as a physician engaged in
missionary work at Stevensville, Ontario and used to make three trips a year on
medical missionary work to Latin America. Allan and Hazel had seven children
established in the area:  
Helen (married J Pirson with two children).
Elizabeth (married Michael Grossman).
David (with one son).
Paul (with one son).
Jacoba (married Daniel Albert).  
Marshal Clarke and Helen lived at South Hill until they were boycotted in 1901 for   
refusing to pay tithes to the priest, and then came to England where Marshal died in 1928
and Helen in 1941. The house was sold, lock, stock and barrel, and is now a ruin.
d.  Arthur Elliot Vincent (1852-1907) married Annie, daughter of the Revd Marshal Clarke
(Robert Clarke’s second son –see OM page 16) who was married to Louisa Humphreys, sister
of William Humphreys, Catherine Vincent’s brother-in-law.  He was a solicitor and took over
the business which became Vincent and Beatty.  Arthur Elliot and Annie had one child, the
Revd Jack Marshal Vincent (1887-1964), Rector of Whitchurch, who married Alice Willes in
e.  Mary Jane married Robert Vaughan Clarke (Robert Clarke’s eldest son) and died without
issue. They lived at Three Castles, Co. Kilkenny.
f.  Georgina died unmarried.
g.  Eliza died unmarried.
The Roe family
The Roe family is descended from Sir Thomas Roe, Ambassador at Constantinople in 1614.
His son William settled in Co. Wexford with issue Andrew, James and John. Andrew of
Tipperary Town bought land and on his death in 1713 his sons inherited as follows: William
(Roesgreen), James (Roesborough), Andrew (Granstown and Mount Briors) and John
(Rockwell and Boxtonrath). John’s grandson, Andrew, was the Mr Roe referred to by
Dorothea Herbert as owning Rockwell, today a college. (check plus ref.)
His heir, John Roe, married Elizabeth Sankey and died in 1838. John’s eldest son William
married 5. Elizabeth (Eliza) Clarke (1805-1898), the second daughter of A. Patrick Clarke, in
Their family was:
William Roe   =   5. Elizabeth Hickman Clarke
 a.                          b.                             c.                              d.                      e.
 John Richard      William James      Mary Elizabeth      Mehitabel       Hannah Maria
a.  John Richard (1836-1874) practised as a surgeon in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, and married
Matilda Mary Goold in 1865. She was a Roman Catholic and on his death took their six
children to Belgium to have them brought up in that faith. The children were: Ethel, Matilda,
William, John Wray, Lewis and Bertram. Ethel had been practically adopted by her
grandmother, Eliza, but was kidnapped by nuns acting for her mother while on a visit to her
aunt in Dublin.
b.  William James (1838-1916) married, in 1877, his first cousin Anne Katherine Humphreys
and their family was:
i.  John Windsor (1879-1916) who married in 1910 Ada Seeds and was killed in the
Great War leaving issue:
(A)  Robert who married Betty Helen Bion with issue: (1) Michael b. 1945 married
Susan Thorne. (2) Charles.
(B)  John who married Margaret Lindsay with two adopted daughters.
ii.  Mary Edith (1878-1972), married Arthur Grove Annesley of the RIC and had two
Stella unmarried.
Phylis who married Brig. Averell John Daniell with issue: (1) Maj. Patrick b.
1939. (2) Michael b. 1946. (3) Susan b. 1937 married Guy Robinson.
Annie Caroline (Ina) (1882-1954), who married in 1905 David Beatty of the
Malayan Civil Service, son of Maj. Gen. Robert Beatty, and has twin daughters, both
(A)  Davida.
(B)  Rowena.
iv.  William Villiers Roe b. 1888, who married Grace daughter of Colonel Hamilton,
and step-sister of Mary who wrote ‘Green and Gold’, leaving issue:
(A)  Louisa Elizabeth Phyllis (Betty)  =  Charles Etches with two children.
v.  Wray Palliser Hickman (1889-1974) married, in 1936, Mary (Molly) Faithful
without issue.
In 1847 William Roe was shot by an evicted tenant named John Lonergan who was caught by
matching the wad against the material from which it was torn.
Eliza, having already lost her father the same way in 1845, sold Rockwell and went to live in
Leamington Spa with her two surviving daughters, c. Mary and d. Mehitabel, who did not
marry, e. Hannah had died young.
The Humphreys family
William Humphreys of Midleton, Co. Cork, married Rebecca, daughter of Daniel McCarthy,
in 1777. Their son Daniel of Broomfield House had twelve children, two of whom married
Louisa Mary married in 1859 Marshal Banner, second son of J. Robert Clarke of Bansha. (See
OM page 16.)
William (1815-1877) married in 1853, Mary the youngest daughter of A. Patrick Clarke and
Elise, Charles Clarke’s daughter was bridesmaid at the wedding. Their family were:
William Humphreys 1815-1877   =    6.  Mary Hickman Clarke
  a.                b.                   c.                 d.                    e.                 f.                   g.
  William     Marshal       Charles       Windsor       Mary           Anne            Helena
  Daniel        Hickman     Henry         Hickman      Caroline     Katherine     Elizabeth
a.  William Daniel (1854-1913) was born at Glass House, Barrowbank, the Elliot home, but
     moved back to Broomfield House in 1866. In 1878 he married Averina Brasier Creagh of  
     Creagh Castle and had issue:
i.  William Marshal (1881-1940), Major, who married Kathleen Wilkerson with issue:
(A)  Langley, Major RE and Devon landowner, who married Rosemary Hope
        with three children.
(B)  Marshal, Belfast company director who married Hilary Brown with two
(C)  Averil who married first: Andrew Knowles with two children. (1)
Roderic who married Shona Leask in 1949 (divorced) and had issue: James b.
11 September 1949.  James was murdered in USA in 1989. Roderic married
secondly Helena Trap-Olsen. (2) Coral unmarried.
Averil married secondly Baron Swinfen.
(D)  Lavender who married Thomas Davies with three children.
ii.  George Noel (1883-1971) Col. DSO who married in 1915 Hilda Coppinger and
died without issue.
iii.  Robert Hugh Beresford (1888- 1950) Major, who married Mary Gray with issue:
(A)  Daniel who died young.
(B)  Anthony, Somerset and Cork landowner who married Ruth Maltin with
four children.
iv.  Averina Mary Constance b. 1892, who married first Alexander Burchardt-Ashton
with issue:
(A)  Rosamond (later Locke, having first married Vincent Bennett with four
children; Desmond, Clive, Patrick and Carolyn). Averina lived with them in
Rhodesia. Married secondly, William Mostyn with issue:
(B)  Rowena married de Montfort with three children; Simon, Piers and
Roger, and lived in Ceylon.
(C)  Angela married Huleatt-James in Rhodesia with three children; Mark,
Nigel and Averina.
b.  Marshal Hickman (1855-1880), went to Australia and died unmarried.
c.  Charles Henry (1856-1932), went to Australia and married Tryphena Louisa Hasset with
     no issue. He was a solicitor.
d.  Windsor Hickman (1861-1911) went to Australia and married Kathleen McVicker and died
     in Norseman, Western Australia without issue.
e.  Mary Caroline (1857-1881) died unmarried.
f.  Anne Katherine (1858-1931) married in 1877 her first cousin William James Roe and
     became ancestor of the present Roe family.
g.  Helena Elizabeth (1862-1933) worked all her life with the Sandes Soldiers Homes and died